Car Parking for your Covid 19 Vaccination

The closest car park for our central Covid Vaccination site is the Sandford Park Lido car park, at Keynsham Road. The Cheltenham East Fire Station is directly across the road from this car park.

This is a pay and display car park ad is monitored by cameras so please ensure that you make payment using the machines provided.

We are aware that there have been some issues with people receiving fines for not paying to park. We have been working with the Lido to improve signage and communication to those using the carpark and they have kindly supported as follows:

  • Increased the grace period to try and reduce/eliminate the production of parking fines
  • Put up additional signage including a large banner at the front entrance to the car park
  • Employed meet and greet staff within the car park to assist people with how the machines operate and where they need to go for their vaccines

The meet and greet is proving very popular and whilst this comes at a cost to the lido they have said they are happy to carry on providing this service whilst there’s a need as they are keen to support the Cheltenham Covid Vaccination programme. We are very grateful to them for their support.