Non NHS Services Fees

This includes completion of all paperwork and any subsequent amendments if caused by our omission or error. If further information is required by the company involved with the request this will incur a further cost.

Standard certificate, form, letter or report
Requiring moderate amount of information on 1 or 2 conditions. No consultation with patient, eg simple statement of illness/exam letter/travel letter/statement of fact/simple travel insurance form (Approx. 10 minutes). – £40

Complex certificate, form, letter or report
Requiring detailed assessment of medical notes and more information than a standard form. No consultation with patient. May require interpretation of hospital letters but not historical paper notes (Approx. 20 minutes). – £80

Very complex certificate, form, letter or report
Very complex – detailed notes assessment +/- historic paper notes assessment and opinion may be provided, eg pilots, patient with complex history or occupational disputes – £100

Form, letter, certificate or medical form requiring consultation
Form/letter/certificate/medical requiring face-to-face or telephone consultation with patient (usually face-to-face) for up to 30 minutes of GP time – £120

Extensive medical
1 hour, only for the most complex cases and to be discussed with GP before booking – £240

Private ECG – £50

Private Prescriptions – £15


This is a patients only service as DVLA have own pay structure.  All DVLA forms require full notes assessment as a minimum.

DVLA Medical Form – £80

DVLA Medical + Form  – £120

Firearms Licences

Standard assessment of notes for police – £80

Insurance or Solicitors

GPR (General Practitioners Report) – £130

Supplementary Report after a GPR – £40

Targeted Report – £90

Private Work Not Detailed Above

Hourly rate charged – £240 per hour

Statutory Forms

DWP, etc – national fee structure