TELEPHONE LINES – 14/09/2020

We are experiencing an unprecedented volume of calls at the moment, and apologise if you are having difficulty getting through on the phone.  We have arranged to increase our telephone capacity to overcome this problem, but these extra lines will not able to be installed for a couple of weeks.

Rest assured we ARE open (and have been throughout the pandemic) and if you require a face to face appointment this will be arranged, but only after prior consultation with your doctor.

Meanwhile we have other ways of accessing the surgery which are MUCH more efficient.  The eConsult (purple) button enables you to contact us directly and inform us in detail about your medical problems and needs.  The eConsult will be assessed by one of our doctors within 2 working days and we will contact you straight away via email, text or phone with further advice.  Whilst it may seem cumbersome initially it enables us to manage your query very quickly and is MUCH quicker than waiting for a appointment like in the “old days”.  It is completely secure and confidential.

Furthermore if you wish to book a flu jab you can use our on-line booking system (also much quicker than waiting on the phone and freeing up our lines for people with urgent medical requests.

Once again, many thanks for working with us to maintain our best possible service for our patients.

Dr Pascoe-Watson

Senior Partner