Go Volunteer Glos

Launched on 1st June 2022 during national Volunteers’ Week, Go Volunteer Glos is a BRAND-NEW website for local people aged 16 plus who are looking to offer their time as a volunteer.

Using GoVolunteerGlos.org is the simplest way to find the widest range of local volunteering opportunities in the county all in one place, no matter what your interest is – anything from fundraising, to dog walking for an elderly person, to becoming a special constable.

People wanting to volunteer in Gloucestershire will now be able to use our website to match their skills, interests, location, and availability to the perfect volunteering role. That role could be helping at a one-off event right through to a regular commitment.

New to volunteering? There are so many benefits for you, as well as the people and causes you are helping. You can gain new skills, make friends, or get to know your community.

Whether you want to volunteer from home or get out in the community and meet new people, GoVolunteerGlos.org has something for everyone!

Register at GoVolunteerGlos.org and start volunteering your way.